Multifunctional Phone Holder & Phone Stand - Finger Ring Holder

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Item Description:

- Multifunction

This little phone holder is built to fulfil multi tasks including:

  • Finger ring holder: The finger ring design will provide a easy and secure way to use the device, void any accidental drop off

  • Desktop mount: The kickstand of the holder could be expanded and raise up the device, providing a hand-free mount on desktop

  • Car air vent holder: To best utilise the item, there is an extra claw, which could be used to secure your device on the car air vent when driving.

- Metallic & beautiful design

The holder is designed with ultra slim feature and won't take up any space while it is folded up. The metallic material will also give it an extensive life-time for using.

Item Includes:

  • 1 x multifunctional phone holder

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